Katie Lowery (vocals, guitar, ukulele)

Ryn Thoen (vocals, keyboard, accordion, ukulele)

Kristi Blitz (vocals)
Ed Boswell (percussion, guitar, bass, vocals) 



​​First forming in 2014, The Emmylous broke into the Madison, Wisconsin music scene as a trio of female acoustic folk/rock musicians. Their acoustic, singer-songwriter vibe quickly gave them a home at area wine bars and coffee houses in and around the Madison area. With three layers of vocal harmonies on a backdrop of acoustic guitars, keyboard, and accordion, band members Katie Lowery, Ryn Thoen, Kristi Blitz, and Ed Boswell create tiered blends to songs both well-known and self-written.  While audiences can cozy up to their soothing blends, The Emmylous are never afraid to bring up the energy to bring the house down, entertaining audiences everywhere they play.


Their self-titled, debut album is a careful arrangement and collaboration of points of view by this Madison-based group. The album spans themes of despair, redemption, gratitude, and unrepentance. Meanwhile, their cover songs span between folk artist Brandi Carlile to rock artist Bruce Springsteen, treating audiences to a variety of musical stylings.


The Emmylous got their start by attending open mics in the area. Vocalist and guitarist, Katie Lowery, pulled talent from her church home and circle of friends in order to try edgier material and bring a fuller sound to performances. The sound was well-received and the band was formed by adding Ryn Thoen, on keyboard, accordion, and vocals and Kristi Blitz on vocals. Ed Boswell beautifully rounds out the sound with percussion, guitar, bass, and vocals (sometimes simultaneously!) and is at times jokingly referred to as the ‘Lou’ in The Emmylous.


With three female vocalists and a variety of instrumentation, The Emmylous keep audiences entertained and coming back for more.